“I just have to say your guys were AMAZING! Knowledgeable, kind, patient, explained everything to me and didn’t assume I knew nothing just because I was a woman. I’ve worked with LOTS of contractors and I’m usually talked down to, but not your guys and I really appreciate that!! They were both great and wanted to give them both some props!” – Dana C. (Owner, Riverside, IL)

“I wanted to thank your guys for coming out last week. They did such an amazing job! Their work was very precise and clean. The guys were very educated in this trade. And bonus, they were very genuine and sincere. True experts and professionals! We’ve had several vendors and guest come in through our basement since then, and all have commented on how it “doesn’t smell like a basement”. There is a considerable difference in the humidity and moisture levels, too. Kudos to your team! I highly recommend Elliot & Associates! From beginning to end, it was a pleasure working with all of you.” – Margaret G. (Owner, Arlington Heights, IL):

“Thanks to this company and especially Elliott himself, he brought up the subject of asking for assistance in paying for my radon system installation and gave me the leads and people to call. I make very little money and never thought about asking for help. I made the calls that Elliott suggested and the County ended up paying for my radon mitigation! What a wonderful person to try and help his potential customers. Very friendly, knowledgeable and reputable.” – Cheryl B. (Seller, Plainfield, IL)

“You have quite a crew. Everyone just jumped in, knew exactly what to do and go the job done. I also noticed how well everyone got along. Anytime someone needed something from someone else, they got it without hesitation… A good crew is quite an asset.” – G. Jaderberg (Seller, Downers Grove, IL)

“Phil and Brandon were fantastic! They were a pleasure to work with! They were very professional and explained everything throughout the process! We look forward to seeing the reduction in the radon as well as other positive side effects (humidity, odors, etc). Phil was very helpful in explaining all the parts of the system inside and out. Brandon was very helpful in explaining how the initial process would work, smoke testing with the vacuum and such.” – A. Delso (Owner, Lombard, IL)

“Elliott was extremely helpful and provides detailed information and answered all of my questions. He even recommended that I check with my administrator to see if Radon Mitigation is eligible for Flex Spending Reimbursement as it often is, and he was right! I was able to use pre-tax dollars to pay for the radon mitigation. I would highly recommend Elliott & Associates.” – S. Fitzgerald (Owner, Plainfield, IL)

“The 2 servicemen, Brandon & Phil, did an outstanding job installing my system last week at my house. They were polite, cleaned up after themselves and paid attention to detail. The installation work was 1st class and looks great. It’s nice to see people who care about their work and the finished product, I will highly recommend Elliott & Associates to anyone I know that needs a radon system installed.” – R. Cinkus (Seller, Darien, IL)

“Thanks for a great installation! As you may remember I am a Mechanical Engineer, now retired, and have designed and installed hundreds of various mechanical systems, utilizing many dozens of contractors, so I understand what goes into doing a good job. You and your guys are very professional. Brandon and Phil showed up on time, went to work very efficiently. Their experience was obvious. The on-site design went quickly and very well. Quality is great, and they left us all cleaned up. Overall I couldn’t be happier with the installation. My hat is off to your remediation technicians! Well done!” – S. Snapp (Owner, Naperville, IL)

“I got the proposal, and just wanted to thank you for explaining the process to me, and for turning this around so promptly… I am confident we’re going to want to go ahead and have your team perform the work. I had to laugh when you mentioned that there were no acceptable levels of radon, as I realized in that moment how much of an ignorant consumer I’d been: I had mentioned to our realtor that the reported values were just over the EPA recommendations, and, while she agreed that we’d obviously want to get it mitigated, she pointed out that other governments allowed for levels up to 10 pCi/l. Given that, in the back of my mind, radon  became “troublesome” but not “life-threatening.” After your comment, I did some quick searching, and saw the statistic about how radon is credited second only to cigarette smoking when it comes to lung cancer deaths. I’m absolutely blown away that I could have gotten this far in life and not known that. I’d considered the abatement in the same category as “replace the 20-year-old roof,” as opposed to “remove the carcinogen responsible for killing 20,000 people per year.” There’s no doubt in my mind that we want to abate the radon as fully as possible,  and it seems your company is incredibly well-suited to helping us make that happen.” – Scott V. (Buyer)

“I would like to extend our sincere thanks for spending time explaining the possibilities toward resolving our Radon issue here at Wexford. I know all of us were better informed about how mitigation is done and the results we should expect. Thanks again for answering questions from some of our residents too. I know it meant a lot to some and calmed the nerves of others!” – R. Kuebler (Board of Directors, Condominium Association)

“Thanks again Elliott for your professionalism and quick response. I have already referred you to my lawyer and realtor and will tell others about you. Being a former small business owner, I can say that you have built an impressive organization that I know you take a lot of pride in.” – J. Bliss (Seller, Oswego, IL)

“For radon remediation I was totally impressed with Elliot Wall… The other companies’ reps fell way short of Elliott’s techniques, knowledge and professionalism.” – Mr. & Mrs. B. Liska (Seller, Naperville, IL)

“We want to express our sincere appreciation for the effort you put into installing and maintaining our radon mitigation system. We have used you in all three of our homes and have found your work and dedication to be outstanding. From customer service, installation and turn around time of doing the work thru job completion with great results we are totally pleased. Your complete inspection of our home at all levels and suggested mitigation improvements to our existing system brought us to even lower acceptable levels upon testing. We feel very comfortable living in our home and working in our basement now that your work is complete. Thank You!” – John and Dorothy (Owner, Naperville, IL)

“The installation was neat and clean. The men were professional, friendly and worked well together.” – G. Watzke (Owner, Palos Heights, IL)

“Looks like your system did the trick (not that I doubted you). Radon levels have dropped precipitously from previous readings. What’s amazing to me, however, is the magnitude of the reduction. Nice work.” – G. Prezembe (Owner, Palatine, IL)

“Thanks so much for your expedient and thorough work!” – F. Lundstrom (Owner, Naperville, IL)

“Thank you for your prompt and thorough proposal. These days it is not often you come across a person who is as professional and pleasant as you. I will follow up with my attorney and the buyers to see what they desire. Be assured, if they decide to use a different company, I will recommend you to others and would indeed contact immediately if ever I require your type of work at my current home. You are indeed a testament to true professionalism, and it was an absolute pleasure to meet you.” – G. Williams (Seller, Downers Grove, IL)

“I have bids from other contractors that range from $950-$1,300. Although I am sure I could have this job completed less expensively, I like your professional approach, prefer to do business that way and am willing to spend more for your level of professional service now and after the sale to insure a good experience for the new home owner.” – L. Carr (Seller, Aurora, IL)

“I did a self test and had levels above 4.0, so I called Elliott Wall after seeing his name on my county list (IEMA). Elliott took the time to talk with me about radon testing and mitigation, and in doing so, he determined that I had done the self test improperly and may have received inaccurate results. He obviously cares about what he’s doing and if my re-test comes back high, he’ll be the first person I call!” – J. Bodinet (Owner, Palos Park, IL)

“Just wanted to let you know we a got a reading of 0.9 in the basement sump area two days after the installation, and 0.2 reading in the opposite end of basement. This system has exceeded our expectations so far. Thanks for your prompt service and professional installation.” – S. & MJ Myers (Owner, North Aurora, IL)

“I am sending you this email to inform that the radon detector is now reading 2.1. I seize this moment to thank you for a job well done.” – A. & L. Bezzaz (Owner, Roselle, IL)

“Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the system you installed. It gives Cathy and I great peace of mind to know radon levels are being maintained at very low levels in our home.” – T. & C. Pyra (Owner, Barrington Hills, IL)

“They came out promptly as promised and gave me a written estimate the same day via email. The estimate was very thorough and detailed with warranty and insurance attached. Prior to deciding to have the job done, I spoke with Elliott Wall and others at their office with several questions and requests which were answered thoroughly. When I decided to have them do the job a date was set and they arrived promptly and worked all day to complete the job. They put plastic runners (like used in model homes) down on all the carpeting that they walked on and cloth tarps on linoleum floors….The installers were very friendly and answered all of my questions while installing. They brought all the needed supplies and worked efficiently but carefully….The levels in my living areas above the basement level have averaged 0.5 since the installation. Elliott & Assoc. clearly know their job and how to do it. I did get one other estimate which was higher and not very professionally done. It was scribbled on a form and barely legible. No warranty or insurance were included. I highly recommend Elliott & Associates….Trust them. They do what they say.” – S. Bara (Owner, Aurora, IL)

“The experience was very good. They did a professional job on the system. The end result was better than expected as far as radon reduction. I would hire them again in the future.” – R. Taylor (Owner)

“Selected Elliott & Associates based on previous Angie’s List reports. Elliott Wall came out the day after my call and provided a detailed estimate within 3 days… Work was scheduled within a week and completed in five hours. Subsequent tests show the levels in both the finished and unfinished portions are at 0.2. I’m pretty impressed.” – G. Adams (Owner)

“Thank You. Test results were where I wanted them. Well worth the money. I appreciate it.” – W. Green (Owner, Crystal Lake)

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