Vapor Intrusion System Eliminates Chemical Odors at a McDonald’s

The consistency of great food at McDonald’s is a given. However, recently a patron of a local McDonald’s noticed a chemical taste in the food. He informed the restaurant and they immediately began to investigate the cause of the chemical taste. They determined that the chemical smell came from a recent process that was completed by the Village to re-line the sewer pipes underneath the restaurant. The chemical leaked out of the pipes and into the soil, which in turn was drawn into the restaurant.

The owners tried to stop the odor by sealing around mechanical penetrations in the concrete slab and making sure all traps in the plumbing were functioning properly. The odor did not decrease. The restaurant was looking for an experienced company and got our name from one of our competitors, Guardian Radon Mitigation. We responded on the same day and the system was designed and installed within 48 hours.

The restaurant owner had hired us to install a vapor intrusion mitigation system to address the strong chemical odor. With our science-based design, the system was increased in size to offset the negative pressures that are created when the kitchen exhaust fans are in use during normal operation.

The harmful vapor is now gone and the restaurant can continue to help feed the neighborhood with safe and enjoyable food. We are committed to providing fast, professional installation and expertise to all of our commercial and residential clients.