Your house type will affect the kind of radon reduction system that will work best. Houses are generally categorized according to their foundation design. For example: basement, slab-on-grade (concrete poured at ground level), or crawlspace (a shallow unfinished space under the first floor). Some houses have more than one foundation design feature. For instance, it is common to have a basement under part of the house and to have a slab-on-grade or crawlspace under the rest of the house. We will need to gather the information listed below in order to determine the best solution for your home and the cost of the solution.

The following worksheet will help you to prepare to answer our questions.

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What Elliott & Associates needs to know about your house in order to provide an estimate for radon mitigation.

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    Radon Levels


    What are the radon levels in your home?

    Where were the test devices placed?

    What company performed the test? Can you provide a copy of the report?

    Where did you hear about us?



    Basic Information


    If this is a real estate transaction, what is the closing date?

    How old is the house?

    What type of home is it?

    Two StoryRanchSplitOther

    What is the size of the home (square feet)?

    Is there an attached garage?

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    If so, does it have attic space or living space above it?

    AtticLiving Space

    How is the garage attic accessed?

    Thru garageFrom 2nd story

    Is there a pull chain light in the garage attic?


    How many cars?

    Windows overlooking garage roof?




    What is the foundation?

    What type of siding is on the house?


    What type of roof does the house have?


    Is the home a member of an association that must approve any work performed on the outside of the home?


    Has the builder roughed-in a radon system?






    Does the home have a basement?


    If so, is it finished? (floor, wall, ceiling)


    What percent of the basement is finished?


    What type of ceiling is in the finished area?

    SuspendedDrywallOpen RaftersOther

    Where is the furnace located?

    Is there radiant heat in the basement slab?


    Does anyone spend a lot of time in the base?




    Sump Pump


    Does the house have a ground water sump pump? How old is it?

    YesNo – skip to next section


    If so, what type?

    Where is the sump pump located?

    When was it last serviced?

    Does the home have an interior drain tile system that was installed to correct a flooding problem?


    Does the home have a battery backup ground water sump pump?

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    Does it work?


    What is the manufacturer?

    Crawl Space (a shallow unfinished space under the first floor)


    Does the home have a crawl space?

    YesNo – skip to next section

    What room is above the crawl space?

    What is the floor of the crawl space?


    What is the size of the crawl space?

    How tall is the crawl space? Measure from floor to bottom of floor joist.

    How is the crawl space accessed?

    Base finished areaBase unfinished areaOther

    What is the size of the opening? Must be minimum of 2' x 2'

    Are there any built-in shelving units or plywood decking covering the floor?

    Have any pesticides or poisons been applied in the crawl space?


    If there is a gravel/dirt crawl space, is there insulation on the walls of the crawl space? If the house was built prior to 1973 and the insulation in NOT yellow or pink, it could contain asbestos and may be disturbed during our installation process.





    Slab (concrete poured at ground level)


    Is any part of the home built on a slab besides the garage?

    YesNo – skip to next section

    Is there ductwork in the slab?


    Is there radiant heat in the slab?


    Are there any concrete porches?


    Describe location

    Accessible to unfinished basement?






    Are there any additions on the home?

    YesNo – skip to next section

    If so, what is the size?

    What is the addition built on?

    Any plans to finish basement? Add on? Renovate (new windows, etc)?

    If this is a home transaction, do you plan to give/receive a credit or does the work need to be done prior to the closing?

    We offer a group discount. Do you have any neighbors and/or family/friends who are interested in radon mitigation?






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