• New Construction,new construction,radon mitigation
    Here is our truck at one of the hundreds of new construction homes having an active sub-slab ventilation system installed during the construction.
  • drain tile,New Construction,new construction,radon mitigation
    We install drain tile in the aggregate and connect our radon pipe to it before the basement floor is poured.
  • New Construction Drain Tile
    New Construction
    Interior drain tile system installed with sealed white membrane along an exterior wall. Both the radon system and the interior drain tile system are working perfectly together. Done right.
  • New Construction,new construction,radon mitigation
    Radon vent pipe is installed during the installation of the HVAC and plumbing. This will allow the system to be designed as an integral part of the home.
  • attic,New Construction,radon fan,radon mitigation
    In-line vacuum fan is installed in the attic of the house prior to drywall and insulation.
  • attic,New Construction,radon fan,radon mitigation
    Fan can be located in the attic of the house or garage prior to installation of drywall and insulation.
  • chicago,New Construction,radon fan,radon mitigation
    4-story building in Chicago with roof top patio. Radon fan on roof above utility room.
  • New Construction,radon mitigation
    We will seal holes in the floor for rough-in bathrooms in the basement.