June is National Men’s Health and Cancer Awareness Month

June is National Men’s Health and Cancer Awareness Month. In 2012, the World Cancer Fund estimated that 7.4 million men worldwide were diagnosed with lung cancer. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers. A radon professional and a top quality RadonAway fan are the perfect pair to work together to lower these staggering statistics every year.

Our Competition Makes Us Look Good

I just received two calls today from potential clients. The first client was trying to sell their house and had one of our competitors install their radon system. A re-test was performed and the radon levels were still not passing. Also, the buyer’s inspection company said that the system was installed wrong and therefore the deal was on hold until the radon issues were resolved. The other contractor was not willing to fix their system, causing the sale of the home to be in jeopardy. I will never have a conversation with our client where I tell the customer “I will not return to fix the system” or “I’m too busy to return to fix the radon system”. Our goal is to assist home sellers in any way possible to help sell their home. Our clients will not have to the bear the additional stress or additional carrying costs because of a delay in the sale (taxes, insurance and operating expenses). In the end, the cheaper solution can cost the client more money and headaches.

The second call was a client that needed Home Owners Association approval in order to install the radon system. The other mitigation company was not willing to take the time to fill out the HOA forms, speak to HOA management or do anything to help the client with this process. I will never have a conversation where I tell the client, “You fill out all of the HOA forms and speak to the HOA about radon requirements” and not assist in getting HOA approval.

It all comes down to premier customer service, which a cheaper company is not willing to provide to make their client’s life easier.

Pleasantdale School Is Now Safe From Radon

Elliott & Associates had the honor to install 6 radon mitigation systems at Pleasantdale Elementary School in LaGrange, IL over winter break. I have to say thanks to Catherine and Mark for allowing us to install the most efficient systems in order to make the school as safe as possible for the children and staff. Arthur, the building engineer, was a pleasure work with and he did a great job facilitating the installations. I now realize what a building engineer does; they are pulled in every direction, solving problems that always arise. I have a new found appreciation for the operation of a school. As seen from the photos of the systems, they blend-in very well. The up-sized systems are able to withstand the cold weather, eliminating freeze-ups and provide a safe school at all times. I congratulate the teachers that have their own radon safety sirens monitoring their classrooms, making sure the environment that they teach in is safe.
See Pleasantdale School’s Radon Information webpage.

A Builder Who Cares

This January I met Mia, a builder who builds energy efficient and sustainable buildings.  She truly cares about the families that live in her homes – so much so that when she found out that a house she recently built had elevated levels of radon, she was distraught and upset.  She wasn’t upset because it was going to cost more money, it was the fact that the house she worked so hard to build perfectly, had a flaw.  When I met Mia, I could tell that quality and craftsmanship were of utmost importance to her.  I really appreciate a company that works so hard  on every detail,  even on the details that the client may not see or value initially. Over time, the customer will  really value the reduced cost of ownership and live in a safer house with fewer hassles.  I also appreciate the opportunity to work with a person who honestly cares about their product and their customers well-being. I wouldn’t have it any other way.